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➜ Christmas Newsletter 2023
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Hello Everyone,

After a very wet autumn and all French taxes 2023 now paid, winter is here and it is difficult to believe that this year is already coming to an end. It is now time to think about the New Year to come.

For my last Newsletter of the year, and because I had to assist again with the loss of important documents recently, I would like to remind you all to double check, right after reading this email, that you have copies of your carte de séjour, driving license, passport, car registration, and carte vitale as a hard copy in a file in your house, or scanned onto a computer. If it helps you can forward copies of these documents to me by post or email and I will store them for you in your private file.

And what about all the other French documents that we keep accumulating in our drawers year after year…

The key question for this quarter is:

Do you know how long to keep French documents?

For life: birth certificate, marriage, divorce, pacs certificate, deeds of house, diplomas.
For 10 years: invoices for large work on properties (decennale insurance), life insurance, health insurance claims.
For 5 years: rental contracts, receipts, co-ownership paperwork, bills, bank statements, utility bills, bank accounts closed.
For 3 years: income tax documents complete with all proofs of income, fines.
For 2 years: invoices for small works, insurance documents (contracts, claims), Cpam/Ameli statements.
For 1 year: local taxes, bank card receipts.
Until you get your pension: all work/employment documents

I would also recommend that you keep everything about a property or a car for the whole time that you own them, and through the years you lived in France + 3 years! Feel free to contact me by email if you have any questions about this subject 😊

This should be your first New Year's Resolution: To go through my French paperwork!

In the next Val Assist Newsletter coming in March 2024, you will receive all the information with the dates and places for my annual tax return meetings and calls. (French tax declarations 2024 for income 2023 will have to be submitted between mid-April and early June 2024).

The best way to contact me is always by using this email address; you will receive a confirmation from me that your email has been received and I will reply according to the emergency of your request within the next 5 working days. (Please do not re-send the email before that time).

Val Assist working hours are
Monday to Thursday 9am to 6pm
Friday 9am to 4pm

For emergencies you can use my mobile number +33 684 78 21 57
(If you leave an urgent message at night or weekends, I will call you back ASAP).

Please Note:
I will be taking a Christmas break
from the 22nd of December 2023 to the 7th of January 2024.

I wish you and your family a safe & Merry Christmas
with Positive Wishes for 2024.

Best Regards,

➜ Newsletter September 2023
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Hello Everyone,
I hope you had a nice summer. After a very intensive work period until the end of July, I enjoyed a lovely break in Portugal in August with family and friends.😊

I'm now back in the office, and for residents in France, this is the time when you receive your “Avis d’impôts 2023 sur les revenus 2022” form, either online or in the post. If you have some questions about the form, I will answer these for free - just email me the tax form that you received and let me know what your concerns are. If you need to do any corrections to your tax declarations - there is still time. It is still possible to make corrections online, or on paper, and my fee for this is 30 euros. Please email me your information.

Taxe Foncière and Taxe Habitation:
It is also the time for all property owners in France (whether you live in France, or not) to receive your Taxe Foncière 2023 statement, due by the 15th of October.
Later, Taxe Habitation 2023 will follow for second home owners ONLY. From 2023, this tax has been abolished for residents of France in their primary residence.

If you have not yet completed the OBLIGATORY Property Declaration 2023 (to declare who is using your property), then there is still time to do this. Email me to receive full information about this process. 

The key question of this quarter: Do you know which law is applicable to your assets on your death ?

Whether you have already made a will, or not; whether you did it in France, or in another country - I would recommend you to have a meeting with your local Notaire to check the status of your will. If French law applies, there will be a “réserve héréditaire” amount going to your children.

A French Notaire will advise what is best for you to do - according to your family situation - in a free meeting. I can call on your behalf to arrange the meeting, and translate the meeting face to face or on a video call.

Please note: Second home owners should NOT have a Carte de Séjour.  If you applied, and received, a Carte de Séjour, you declared that you are a resident of France (not a holiday maker or second home owner) and therefore, you are also fiscally resident in France, and you should complete your annual tax forms in France. You must rectify this situation if you have incorrectly applied. If you would like any more information about any of the subjects in this newsletter, please contact me by email.

My Office hours:
Monday to Thursday 9am to 6pm and Friday 9am to 4pm.

If not before, I will speak to you/email you again in my next quarterly Newsletter in December with my Christmas message.

Have a lovely autumn 😊 Val

➜ Newsletter June 2023
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Hello Everyone,
Hurrah! The tax form season has finished and I will now be able to start dealing with all the other emails that I received over the last 6 weeks. Please be patient with me! I will slowly be catching up and will reply to all of you. 😊
If I filled in the “Avis d’impôts 2023 sur les revenus 2022” form on your behalf, and you still have some questions, I will answer these for free - just email me to arrange a telephone call meeting where we can check the information together. 

If you need to do any corrections to your declarations, it is still possible to do it online or on paper and my fee for this is 30 euros. Please email me your information.

New Property Declaration 2023 (if not done online with me already):

Please note that if you own a property in France (whether you live in France, or not) you have to complete a property occupancy declaration before the end of June 2023 (This is a 'one-off' exercise if there are no changes to your property in the future). The declaration is very easy to do, and only takes a few minutes if you have an online tax account. 

If you do not have an online account you can create one as a non-resident using the link below :

Alternatively, you can also visit, call or write to your local tax office to confirm to them who is using the property you own (as of the 01/01/2023). If you need help with any of this my fee is 20 euros.

Please note: it is not possible to change any information indicated online for your property. If the description of your property or the sizes are not correct, you will have to fill in an H1 Form and take it or post it to your local tax office informing them about the changes. Please email me if you need more details and assistance with this.

My Office hours:
I will be working normal office hours until the 28th of July: Monday to Thursday 9am to 6pm and Friday 9am to 4pm.
*** Val Assist Summer Break from the 28th July to 27th of August ***
Going forward, I will be emailing a Newsletter each quarter to keep you informed and send you any useful information: in March for the tax period, in June before summer break, in September and the last one in December, just before Christmas 😊
I wish you all a lovely summer and if you do not require any help before,
 I will speak to you again in September!  

➜ Newsletter April 2023
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I am sending this newsletter to all of my clients, but if it does not concern you, please ignore it – or pass it on to friends who may find it useful if they need help with their French Tax Returns. It is that time of year again when you need to prepare your French tax forms with regards to income from 2022 (received from January to December 2022).  
Don't Panic! I can help you, and fill in all the forms on your behalf.
What you must do before our Meeting or Telephone call appointment: 1/ Prepare a detailed list of all incomes received from January to December 2022 in France and any other countries (state pensions, private pensions, civil service pensions, salary, ME, self-employed income, savings, rental income, premium bond wins…etc).
  2/ Prepare the list of your foreign bank accounts (all Non-French accounts - including on-line accounts) if not declared before, and indicate if any of them have been opened or closed in 2022. Also prepare your French RIB if not provided before (IBAN and BIC code) to be indicated online or copy with paper forms.
  3/ Check your log in details if you already have an online tax account, these are your fiscal number (tax number) and password. It is better to create an account online for each person (even if I only use one of the accounts to complete the declaration).
4/ EMAIL ME YOUR TAX INFORMATION FORM (I will send you a form to fill in when I confirm your meeting date and time). My Appointment Dates :

I will be available for phone call meetings on the following dates:
  • on the 13th, 14th of April 
  • on the 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st of April
  • on the 9th, 15th, 16th, 22nd , 23rd of May

I will be at « Cafe Pause » 26 rue de La Poste in l’Absie (79240):
  • on the 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th of May
I will be in at “Café du Prieuré” Mouzeuil St Martin (85370) near the Church:
  • on the 5th, 12th, 26th of May

I will be in the « Café Cour du Miracle » in Vouvant (85120):
  • on the 11th May

Please email me the date that suits you (morning or afternoon). I will then confirm back to you with the time that I am available.
My Costs range from 50 to 80 euros, depending on your situation:
  •               1 income to declare is 50 euros
  •               2 incomes to declare is 60 euros
  •               3 incomes to declare is 70 euros
  •               4 or more incomes to declare, 1st declaration on paper forms, or if I do your tax forms for the first time is 80 euros

I will invoice you by email after the declaration is completed and you can pay by bank transfer (recommended), cheque or cash.

How to get your information to me: When confirming our meeting date and time, I will send you a form to fill in to help you with this. Please return the completed form to me by email before your allotted telephone call or meeting. Do You Have An ONLINE TAX ACCOUNT? If you do not already have an account, you will need to create one before our meeting on “espace particulier”. You will need to know your “Fiscal Number”, “Code Accès en Ligne” and “Revenu Fiscal de reference 2021”. You will find the information on your previous tax forms. Contact me if you need help with this, I can do it from my computer. NB: If this is your first tax declaration: Your first tax declaration in France is completed on paper (I will have all the forms), you will need to prepare your income received from the date of your arrival in France in 2022 to the 31/12/2022. I will email you the forms filled in to print, sign, and take or post to your local tax office. If you left France in 2022 prepare income received between 01/01/22 to the date you left France.

Average conversion rate for the year 2022: £1.00 = €1.17
(at the time of sending this, the official rate has not been indicated yet by tax offices)
A big thank you to ML Computers for the continued computer support and web assistance to Val Assist. This helps enormously when running my business. Very professional service, I recommend you contact Jason and Annette for any help regarding computer assistance.

Valérie PATARD
1, rue Basse
85370 Mouzeuil-St-Martin
Tél : 00 33 (0)6 84 78 21 57

N° Siret : 488 256 645 00018 - N° APE 748F

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