Val Assist Translation Services

If you are new to the area, don’t speak French or just need a bit of assistance with everyday situations, Valerie Patard of Val Assist can provide these confidential services to help your life run smoothly:

Val Assist Services:

  • Phone calls on your behalf
  • Filling in official forms
  • Arranging appointments
  • Translating documents verbally on the phone
  • Translating documents scanned by email
  • Verbal translation of meetings
  • Assistance at your home
  • Personal representation
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  • Registering with the French system (S1, Carte Vitale)
  • Doctor/hospital appointments
  • Medical forms before hospitalisation
  • Top up cover Assistance
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  • Understanding Property taxes (taxe foncière, taxe habitation, contributions sociales)
  • Filling in your French tax returns
  • Meetings at tax offices
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  • Initial Registration of UK Cars
  • Insurance - filling in forms, helping with claims
  • How to get a French driving licence
  • Buying a new or second hand car in France
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  • Utility companies (electric, water, gas) - initial set-up, problems and disconnecting if moving on
  • Insurance - filling in forms, help with claims
  • Phone/internet connection - dealing with service providers
  • Renting - lease agreements for you and your tenants
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  • Initial Registration for micro entrepreneurs
  • Ongoing Administration & general information
  • Meetings with accountant
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  • Finding a local artisan for your project and asking for quotes
  • Full assistance until completion of work
  • Dealing with problems arising from works completed
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Legal Paperwork

  • Assistance with Notaires / Mairie / Solicitors
  • Selling or buying a property (compromis & acte de vente)
  • French wills
  • Consumer laws
  • Local regulations, planning permissions etc…
  • Court translations
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  • How to set up a French bank account
  • Meetings with your branch staff
  • Documents - understanding and completion
  • Mortgages - set-up and assistance
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This is not a comprehensive list. I will endeavour to help in all areas.
Competitively Priced.

Val Assist Translation Services, Expat Assistance

Valérie PATARD
1, rue Basse
85370 Mouzeuil-St-Martin
Tél : 00 33 (0)6 84 78 21 57

N° Siret : 488 256 645 00018 - N° APE 748F